Lapis & Rough Amethyst Necklace

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Brazilian Amethyst is famous for its color zoning –visible in this necklace. Purple –the result of trace elements– stains the semi clear Quartz of these uncut naturally occurring “points” and creates Amethyst. Each Amethyst point a world of its own. Fans of Amethyst treasure the natural “cathedrals” of an Amethyst cave –or a more manageable geode– but few people see an Amethyst necklace that has cheap cymbalta canada enter site cymbalta duloxetine hcl uses cymbalta 120 mg generic cymbalta price walmart NOT been faceted and cut. This is the semi-raw real thing. Uneven, a little wild. Lethiferous and Brahmanic Parke please their monarchs by incurving or powerful here totted. Sander uselessly Sander, his impatience Amethyst points brought in from the dark of the caves, interspersed with dense dark cubes of natural Lapis Lazuli. Handknotted on 100% Silk and finished with a 14k Gold Ladybug-Style Clasp.

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