Malachite Beads

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(Largest Bead is approx. 18mm, Smallest Bead is approx. 10mm)

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Length of Strand: Approx. 24 Inches
Treatment: All Natural

Title: Where To Get Cheap Accutane - watch Author: Subject 1 in stock Buy Non Prescription Flagyl Generic Pills in USA Trusted Drugstore No Prescription. Express shipping & discrete packaging! Cheap Pills Online Without This magnificent strand of old-stock hand-cut all natural graduated Malachite beads is of a quality and size rarely available in the 21st century.

Old-stock from old Zaire these beads display the natural whorls and stripes that make malachite so appealingly unique. The large size of these beads and the gentle graduation means that this will truly be a statement piece. Hand-cut these beads are closer to baroque than spherical. Natural green of Africa. Two beads show signs of a weak spot but the placement of those beads and the length of the strand –unknotted this strand is nearly twenty four inches– overall means that removing one or two beads would not decrease the impact of the finished piece.  These are very large beads. how much does a cialis prescription cost The smallest of the beads is approximately 10mm round. The largest is approximately 18mm. Because Malachite is a relatively soft stone we strongly recommend knotting this strand on heavy silk to cushion the individual beads and keep them as beautiful as they are today for years to come.


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