Cultured Pearls & Tourmaline


Cultured Pearls & Tourmaline

Style: Handknotted on 100% Silk with a 14k Gold “pearl” clasp

Length: Approx. 20″

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Barely a generation ago cultured pearls –basically farm-raised– were rarely ever much larger than 7mm. These soft white freshwater semi-round cultured Pearls vary between 9 and 10mm. Creamy white with a hint of blush,  interspersed with natural green and blue faceted Tourmaline sticks. Handknotted on 100% Silk and finished with a 14k Gold “pearl” style clasp. For the woman who wants something a little extra with her pearls. Twenty inches… a perfect length for day or evening. Let freshwater pearls tumble around your neck. The creamy white a delicate compliment to the bright Tourmaline colors… Fresh and a little mysterious.