Morenci Turquoise Nugget Beads


Size of Individual Bead: Irregular Nuggets –Individual beads vary from 8mm to 14mm.

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #8-10 Silk Cord
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: Stabilized, Natural Color

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Located along the Arizona-New Mexico border the Morenci Turquoise claim was intermittently worked for many decades. A light blue Turquoise primarily famous because of the contrasting “silvery colored” inclusions –usually Pyrite &/or greyish Quartz– Morenci is particularly pretty when polished into irregular nuggets which allow the contrast of soft blue Turquoise and wintery grey matrix to show itself to best advantage. Sadly, while there may still be some Turquoise in the ground in the Morenci area the likelihood of Morenci reopening as a Turquoise mining area in the future is slim to non-existent. The value of the copper claims in the area has increased to such an extant that industrial copper mining operations have taken over most of the region and chances are the heavy equipment being used is destroying whatever Turquoise remains in the ground. These old stock Morenic nuggets were stabilized prior to polishing and drilling, but the color is all natural. American mined and processed. As Morenci is not currently being mined –and probably will not be mined again in the foreseeable future– Morenci is becoming increasingly rare on the open market and any “new” Morenci coming to market is generally old stock from a private collection.