Apache Turquoise Beads


Size of Individual Bead: Semi Graduated Wafers
(Largest Bead is approx. 14mm, Smallest Bead is approx. 16mm)

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #8-10 Silk Cord
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: Stabilized, Natural Color

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These hand-cut semi graduated wafer beads are cut from stabilized Turquoise from the Apache Mine in Nevada. The Apache Mine is famous for being a Variscite rich Turquoise deposit and the colors of Apache Turquoise naturally ranges from an intense highly saturated sky blue to a near teal green with brown matrix.

The colors are, of course,  all natural. The hand cut variegated wafers are a classic Southwestern style. Each strand would make an excellent necklace with just a finishing touch of a clasp… or become the basis of something even more unique. American mined and processed.

Want to see where the Apache Turquoise Mine is? Check out our interactive Turquoise Mines Map and toggle over Nevada.