Bisbee Turquoise Nuggets Chunky


Size of Individual Bead: Large Irregular Nuggets (Largest Bead is approx. 16 X21mm, Smallest Bead is approx. 13X18mm)

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #10-12 Silk Cord
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: All Natural

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Bisbee, Arizona, is almost synonymous with copper mining. Less famous than the gold strikes and silver strikes that left the ghosts of boomtowns throughout the West, the copper strikes in the Arizona Territory reshaped the American West. But… when you are mining for copper in the American West you can find other treasures and one of the most precious treasures is Bisbee Blue Turquoise. Bisbee Turquoise is almost synonymous with a deep dark blue. These all natural extra large chunky nugget beads are cut from Turquoise from the Bisbee Mine in Arizona. The Bisbee Mine is famous for historically producing a very hard Turquoise with a strikingly dark color and a spiderweb of matrix. (Matrix which occasionally, as in the case of this strand, includes Quartz.)

This is a particularly intensely colored strand of a Turquoise known for its intense colors. The colors and the Turquoise are, of course, all natural. The large nuggets show off the variety of this natural Bisbee Turquoise and the matrix beautifully. It is unlikely we will ever again have a strand of Bisbee of this color and size. American mined and processed.

Want to see where the Carico Turquoise Mine is? Check out our interactive Turquoise Mines Map and toggle over the edge of Arizona.