Pilot Mountain Turquoise & Tektites


Turquoise & Tektites

Source: Nevada Mine, Pilot Mountain Turquoise & Natural Tektites from Thailand

Treatment: All Natural

Style: Handknotted on 100% Silk with a 14k Gold Ball Clasp

Length: Approx. 21″

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From the earth and beyond. Few treasures from the high desert mountains are more precious than Turquoise. This necklace combines a treasure of the earth with a rarity from beyond this earth. All natural gemmy blue Turquoise from Pilot Mountain –a Nevada Mine– is interspersed with natural glassy black Tektites which were collected in Thailand but came from outer space. Each Tektite still displays the unique patterns it acquired as it cooled during impact. The dark glassy Tektites are a perfect compliment to the clean pale blue colors of this natural Pilot Mountain Turquoise. Truly a one of a kind necklace –we have a few more Tektites but each one is different– that combines the elegant and wild.