Malachite & Green Beryl Necklace


Malachite & Green Beryl

Source: Zaire and Brazil

Treatment: The Malachite is 100% Natural

Style: Handknotted on 100% with a 14k Gold Ladybug Clasp

Length: Approx. 16″

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If you love Turquoise –the imperfections, great intense colors and sheer variety of the natural material– it is easy to fall in love with Malachite. Also a copper associated material, Malachite defines green in much the same way Turquoise defines blue. In fact, the earliest use of Malachite was probably as a pigment. This one of a kind necklace features large handcut 100% natural Malachite beads interspersed with rondells of pale green Beryl. Old-stock from old Zaire each of the Malachite beads is between 15 and 16mm and displays the natural whorls and stripes that make malachite so appealingly unique. Handknotted on extra heavy silk –a necessity with Malachite which can be damaged by wire– and interspersed with pale green Beryl. (Almost 90% of green and blue Beryl is heat treated as a matter of course before leaving the mine sites so although the material is genuine Beryl it may have been heat treated.) An elegant “statement” necklace.