Royal Beauty & Rough Amethyst


Turquoise & Rough Amethyst

Source: Nevada Mine, Royal Beauty Turquoise

Treatment: Natural Color, Stabilized

Style: Handknotted on 100% Silk with a Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp

Length: Approx. 17″

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In nature few colors are rarer than purple and blue. This necklaces combines two natural examples of these colors in a wild and timeless exploration of the natural world at its most exhibitionist. Featuring 10mm round spherical cut Turquoise from the original Royal Beauty Mine in Nevada interspersed with seven rough chunks of uncut Amethyst –these beads weren’t faceted, instead they show the planes of the natural crystal, points like miniature obelisks grown in the wild– beads this one of a kind necklace has a savage beauty that puts the variety of the natural world front and center. As always, of course, although the Turquoise has been stabilized the color is natural and the individual beads show the striking combination of black spiderweb and intense blue –reminiscent of the South Seas– that has quickly made Royal Beauty so sought after. (And so copied –this, of course, is genuine.) Each Amethyst point shows the color zoning so common in untreated Quartz, the purple transparency of Amethyst bleeding into the milky barely transparent colorless quartz. Handknotted on purple silk and finished with a heavy sterling silver magnetic clasp. (The clasp features a faux “meteorite” finish –a blend of bright and blackened silver.) Perfect for you or for a gift for someone close to you.