Blue Gem Turquoise Heishi


Size of Individual Bead: Graduated Heishi
(Largest Bead is approx. 10mm , Smallest Bead is approx. 4mm)

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #10-12 Silk Cord
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: All Natural

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All natural old stock Blue Gem Turquoise from the original Blue Gem Mine (near Battle Mountain) in Nevada. The original Blue Gem Mine was famous for producing a gemmy hard and very blue Turquoise. The  Turquoise these particular beads were cut from was mined in the late 1970s (c.1977) and cut in the ’90s.

The colors and the Turquoise are, of course, all natural. (Unusually for heishi, this Turquoise was hard enough that it did not need to be stabilized before cutting the slender wafers.) Turquoise of this color and quality literally is no longer coming out of the ground –if we ever have more like this it will probably be old stock from a private collection. To have one strand of oldstock Blue Gem of this quality is special, we are lucky enough to have 4. One strand would make a beautiful necklace –we strongly recommend individually knotting this high quality natural turquoise on silk to cushion the beads and keep them looking perfect forever– all four together would be a stunning collar. It is unlikely we will ever again have a a selection of old stock all natural Blue Gem Turquoise of this color and size. American mined and processed.

Want to see where the Blue Gem Turquoise Mine is? Check out our interactive Turquoise Mines Map and toggle over central Nevada.