Happy Birthday April: Beyond Diamonds?????

Diamond is the traditional birthstone for the month of April… But what do you do when diamonds aren’t your thing? (Or just aren’t within your budget?)

Luckily there have always been alternative birthstones for April… In part because Diamonds actually weren’t the traditional birthstone 300+ years ago.

In case you haven’t noticed at N.C. Nagle Gems and Beads we don’t really do diamonds. It isn’t that we don’t like diamonds, and it isn’t that we don’t know anything about them. It is just that we love color more. (And yes… we know, there are “fancy color” diamonds.)

So… we were going to skip April. Leave this month to the diamond people.

So… what do you do in April when diamonds aren’t your thing?

April was never just about diamonds… And loads of people –even some who happen to have been born in April– share our love of color.

The less-expensive quasi-diamond substitute is a form of clear Quartz –usually in a perfectly formed crystal.

Another alternative is Sapphire. Because who doesn’t like Sapphire?

And then there is Opal.

Quite frankly we are color fans in part because we love the individual options available. So for April we won’t weigh in with a preference. April is your choice. Happy Birthday….