Happy Birthday June: A World of Pearls

Pearls are, traditionally the most popular birthstone for the month of June.

Want to learn more about the different types of pearls? Cultured? Natural? Freshwater? Saltwater? Tahitian? Click on the picture to read our quick and easy guide to the basics of pearls.

Ironically Pearls are not a stone. Or a gem. To be exact a pearl is a gemmoid. An organic product formed by a mollusk. A true “gem” is by definition inorganic.

As is the case with most “birthstones” Pearls have never been the sole “traditional” birthstone for the month of June. Until relatively recently –think 1910s– cultured pearls were NOT widely available and natural non-farm-raised pearls were wildly expensive. A good set of pearls in the late 1890s was literally equivalent in value to a Manhattan mansion. Not a townhouse, a mansion.

So in the 19th century milky-white Moonstones and creamy Chalcedony were popular as birthstones.

Cultured Grey Tahitian Pearls
These Cultured Grey Tahitian Pearls offer a “different” look for the woman who doesn’t want basic white. (Although, to be fair, we have never thought there is anything “basic” about creamy white pearls.)

Today pearls are truly accessible. Lovely. Traditional. Wild. Modern. Whatever style you want a pearl can suit your personal style.

We love pearls, we are in a minor sort of way, pearl people. So we’ve written about pearls before. If you are interested in learning more about pearls be sure to browse our full website. And if you are interested in color check out this blog post from the Fall of 2016.