Happy Birthday March: Aquamarine the March Birthstone…

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, is an elegant constant of the jewelry world. Nevertheless, Aquamarine can still surprise. And even shoppers who don’t think they like blue –or think they like something that is a little bluer than Aquamarine– sometimes find themselves falling in love with the “watery” cousin of the Beryl family.

By definition Aquamarine is blue. It is the blue form of Beryl. (The green form of Beryl is “Emerald” and the yellow form of Beryl is “Heliodor” etc.)

This one of a kind necklace features spheres of natural Aquamarine --blue with hints of yellow and green-- interspersed with Zoisite mined in Nevada.
This one of a kind necklace features spheres of natural Aquamarine –blue with hints of yellow and green– interspersed with Zoisite mined in Nevada.

However, natural Aquamarine is rarely the intense blue people assume it should be. “Aqua – Marine” is a watery blue. In turns delicate –many people think Aquamarine is the ideal blue for a blonde to wear– and changeable. Untreated Aquamarine –most Aquamarine commercially available has been heat-treated to make the blue color more intense and more even– often displays a hint of green or a shadow of yellow.

We are particularly fond of the slightly greenish slightly translucent Aquamarine from Brazil. From a designer’s point of view it is the ideal “mixer” bead to combine with either an intense dark Malachite or a lighter brighter blue Turquoise.

While Aquamarine has been known and used as a jewelry stone for at least two-thousand years –the name Aquamarine was bestowed by the Romans– it has only been treasured as a birthstone since the 19th century when Victorians fell in love with a stone that could be faceted or cut en cabochon. (And the mineral wealth of Brazil began to make the jewelry world significantly more colorful.)

If you are looking for something for the March baby in your life…. but you want something a little less blue you may like this… one of a kind Aquamarine and Malachite Necklace…