Carico Valley Turquoise (Green) Irregular Graduated Flat Slabs


Size of Individual Bead: Irregular Graduated Nuggets –The largest bead is approx. 28x35mm across, the smallest is roughly 20X15mm across.

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #16-18 Silk Cord (or could be strung on light leather)
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: All Natural

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One of the family of “Carico” mines –Carico Valley, Carico Lake and Carico Mountain are all within approx. 20 miles of each other– Carico is one of the Nevada Turquoise mines famous for producing both natural blue Turquoise and natural green Turquoise. (While the blue Carico is a classic Turquoise blue, occasionally interspersed with a faint greenish tinge, the green Turquoise ranges from a dark forest green to a bright shade that can only be described as “lizard”.) Freckled with a touch of matrix, these beads are nevertheless one of the brightest and cleanest looking greens ever found in nature. While the darker green is most prized in Carico this brighter and lighter green is stunning in its own right. Truly the kind of shocking green that appeals to someone who wants a “different” sort of Turquoise. This strand of graduated irregular slabs are the intense bright green seen only in the best Carico (and a few jungle parrots). Proof, if we needed any, that nature is not dull. Stabilized. Natural color. Processed and cut in the United States. Truly a collector’s item.

Want to see where the Carico Turquoise Mine is? Check out our interactive Turquoise Mines Map and toggle over central Nevada.