Royston Turquoise 10mm Round


Size of Individual Bead: 10mm Round

Size of Bead Hole: Suitable for a Size #6-8 Silk Cord
Length of Strand: Approx. 16 Inches
Treatment: All Natural

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Located roughly halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, the Royston Turquoise Mine –although never a major producer– is one of the better known Nevada mines. Actively mined for over half a century the color and quality of Royston Turquoise varies tremendously. Royston naturally ranges from a classic light blue –with brown matrix– to a green with brown matrix. (Often a very attractive green Royston nevertheless rarely if ever displays the livid tropical greens of natural Carico.) Relatively little unfinished and untreated Royston makes it to the open market. This strand displays the brown matrix typical of Royston and is a particularly interesting shade of teal. Cut from a very hard chunk of Royston this Turquoise did not require stabilization. All natural, American processed. 10mm Rounds.