Green & White: Green Carico Valley Turquoise & Large Cultured Freshwater Pearls


Turquoise, Carico Valley Mine, Source: Nevada Mine, Cultured Freshwater Pearls, Style: Necklace, Approx. 15″, 14k Gold Clasp, Turquoise is American processed, Stabilized, natural color

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Some greens seem even greener when paired with white, and some “whites” are revealed to be a little more complex when paired with a vibrant green. This choker length necklace –it is in fact approx. 15″, however because of the large diameter of the beads if you are not comfortable wearing a traditional choker necklace this may be a little too small– pairs handcut 11-12mm discs of vibrant stabilized (but natural color!) green Carico Valley Turquoise with large –12-13mm– Baroque cultured freshwater Pearls. The pearls display a soft luster and intriguing Orient that paired with the natural green of the Turquoise gives this necklace a near rainbow of natural colors. Handknotted on mint green silk. Finished with a large 14k gold ball clasp. (This is a one of a kind necklace. However, as it is a choker style –and we have more pearls– we could by special request make a similar necklace in a custom length.)